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Happy Wheels Demo


When you first start playing Happy Wheels, it begins as an unassuming game where you face challenges and obstacle courses to reach the end of the course. Only, this game is anything but. Happy Wheels is a physics-based racing game with plenty of twists you didn’t see coming. Each course is tricky and leaves you shocked about what just happened. Missing a turn can be deadly as your body will fly into a bit and be torn apart by spinning spikes or crushed under a moving bannister. When you first start the demo of the game, you get more than a teaser. You have full access. You get to choose your course and the character you wish to race with. The courses include Gut Bus Extreme, Snowy Mountain, A Large Satan Eats You, Dawn of the Dead, It Keeps Happening and several more. Each level is specifically and creatively designed. The levels are created so when you play, you can tell the sort of game play you can expect just by the name of the course. Each one gives you a million ways to die, full of gore and body-crushing good times. One of the more difficult courses, for example, is A Large Satan Eats You and is exactly as it says. You’re shoved down the throat of a huge devil and it’s your job to make it out in one piece! The demo characters you get to choose from include a hobo on a rocket wheelchair, a father and son on a bike and a businessman on a Segway. Each character is unique and has a special button to increase their speed. For example, the rocket on the hobo’s wheelchair. The father and son can both fall off the bike, each suffering the same defeat! Each special trick handles physics differently, so they must be played with caution to avoid a dismembering, horrifying death. The first time playing this game, you have no idea the pitfalls which will plague your character. Starting out with one of the unique racers, everything is innocent, or seemingly so. The course selected was the obstacle course. Nothing seemed too difficult until the character reached the see-saw bride where the Segway man was caught and fell between the tracks…into a spinning wheel of sharp blades that effectually tore him apart. Gory, challenging and hilariously fun, Happy Wheels is a game fun for all ages and is entirely engaging. You won’t want to stop playing!